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Alberta Metal Enthusiasts Network
Alberta, Canada - informal group of hobbyists, meets on the last Thursday of every month in Edmonton

Atlantic Model Engineering Society
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - metal craft hobbyists, primarily model railroading, both stationary displays and live steam, meetings and club shop in Halifax, live steam site in Winsor, Nova Scotia

Battle Creek Home Metals Shop Club
- was at - site no longer exists - if you know where they went, please advise -
Battle Creek, Michigan, USA - Meetings monthly starting in May 2000

Bay Area Engine Modelers
San Fransisco Bay area, California, USA - Meetings third Saturday each month in Oakland, California

Bendigo Society of Model Engineers Inc.
Bendigo, Australia - model building and metalworking club, holds exposition events, links to member pages

Bristol Model and Experimental Engineers
Bristol, UK - live steam and model engineering club, regular meetings, exhibition

Cape Breton Blacksmith's Association
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada - ABANA affiliated blacksmithing club

Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - live steam club

Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society
Washington, DC, USA - club for the northern Virginia, Maryland, and Wash. DC areas, monthly meetings

Colorado Model Engineering Society
Denver, Colorado, USA - metalworking and model building club based in Colorado

Emerald Valley Model Engineering Society
Eugene, Oregon, USA -  sponsor of the PRIME show

Florida Association of Model Engineers
Florida, USA - web site with on-line forum supporting model builders

Frontenac Society of Model Engineers
Kingston, Ontario, Canada  - monthly meetings, shop facilities for members at the Ongwanada Resource Centre

Home Foundarymans Association/Hobbycast
Not an "in person" club, but a Yahoo group for metal casting hobbyists

Home Metal Shop Club
Houston, Texas, USA - meetings and swap meets, good newsletters and projects on line

Hutt Valley Model Engineering Society
Petone, Wellington, New Zealand - model railroading, clocks, and metalworking, photos on line

Kansas Association of Model Engineers
South Central Kansas, USA - model builders club, monthly meetings

Live Steaming
clubs worldwide - WEB page for model railroad steam engine information, links to over a hundred
clubs all over the world. These folks run model railroads etc., but there is plenty of metalworking.

Long Island Metalworker's Society
Long Island, New York, USA - monthly meetings, shop tours, swap sessions

Mid-Valley Model Engineers
Corvallis, Oregon, USA - loosely organized club, meets at members' shops

Metro Detroit Metalworking Club
Detroit, Michigan, USA - metalworking club, newsletters, projects, and links on line

Melbourne Society of Model and Experimental Engineers
Melbourne, Australia - long standing club, monthly meetings, hosts yearly exposition

Model Engineers' Support Page
Macclesfield, UK - Model Engineering Society's home page, lots of links, projects, etc.

Modelbouwers Vereniging Vlaardingen (Model Club Vlaardingen)
Vlaardingen, Netherlands - Dutch model builders club. Lots of links and photos of projects.

New England Model Engineering Society
Waltham (Boston), MA, USA - holds local exposition and meetings, organized bus trip to NAMES show

Newport Model Engineering Society
City of Newport, South Whales, UK - Live steam club founded in 1949. Builds and exhibits running trains, and has facility open to public for events.

North American Model Engineering Society
Wyandotte (Detroit), Michigan, USA - mainly sponsors the NAMES exposition, great pictorial history on line

North London Society of Model Engineers
London, UK - Founded in 1944. Has many interest sections, each with its own meetings. Participates in exhibitions, and conducts workshops.

North Texas Metalworker's Advisory Council
Dallas, Texas, USA - monthly meetings, organized programs, started in 1998 and off to a good start

Northwest Model Engineers
Was at:
If you know where they went, please let us know.
Park Ridge (Chicago), Illinois, USA - maps to meetings and newsletters on line

Portland Machinist Guild
Mulliken, Michigan, USA - monthly meetings, club description, forums, and contact information on line

Portland Model Engineers
Portland, Oregon, USA - club description and contact information on line

Puget Sound Metalworking Group
Washington state, USA. Not an "in person" club, but a Yahoo group for metalworking hobbists.

Santa Rosa Society of Model and Experimental Engineers
Santa Rosa, CA, USA - monthly meetings of amateur scientists, tinkerers, clockmakers, and live steamers

South Bay Metalworkers
Sarasota (Silicon Valley), California, USA - monthly meetings at members shop

Southern Arizona Model Engineers Club
Club web site no longer exists. Discussion moved to Yahoo, see: 
Tucson, Arizona, USA - Established 1987, monthly meetings, has lending library

Southern California Home Shop Machinists
Torrance, California, USA - Established 2000, monthly meetings at local community college's shop

Taunton Model Engineers
Taunton, UK - old line club (1946), holds events and exposition, online newsletters and links

Toronto Society of Model Engineers
Toronto, Canada (TSME) club - long standing club (1933), monthly meetings, varied interests

Upstate New York Home Shop Metalworkers
club in "up-state" New York, USA - regular meetings scheduled at members shops or on field trips

Valley Metal - Phoenix Area Home Shop Machinists
Phoenix, Arizona, USA - monthly meetings,  mailing list on Yahoo

Vancouver Island Model Engineers
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada - live steam club with track and other facilities

Willoughby & Baltic
440 Somerville Ave., Somerville, MA 02144 - Paid membership club for shared studio access to metalworking and fabrication space and equipment. Training courses and project storage space also available.


Model Engineering Society of Oklahoma
Oklahoma, USA - WEB page pending, meanwhile e-mail

South Bay Metalworkers
A hobby group in Northern California's Santa Clara Valley. Meets in Saratoga, CA
Contacts: Phil Roybal -


Please email , if you would like to be the contact
point for starting a new club.  The following are now trying to start a club:

Alliston, Ontario, Canada (1.5 hours north of Toronto) - new club forming, plans to
meet at Banting Memorial High School, share use of school equipment, contacts are:
Dan O'Connell - or Bob Emptage -

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada - wanting to form a new club, contacts is:
Larry Proctor - 

Brisbane, QLD, Australia - contact Wayne Bourke - email

Eastern, Tennessee, USA - interested in starting a club... contact George - email

Miami, Florida, USA - contact Eric Meyer - email

Hallstead, Pennsylvania , USA - contact Johnathan Desantis - email

Seattle, Washington, USA - contact Jim Wright - email

Clare/Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA - contact Charly Brauer - email

North-Central Wisconsin, USA - contact Raymond Heckert - email

Boise, Idaho, USA - contact Dan Paulsen - email

Southern, Illinois, USA - 60 miles North of Paduach,KY. 80 miles southeast of St. Louis,Mo. 90 West of Evansville,In. -  contact Steve Odle - email


All metalworking and metal model building clubs are welcome. Please provide information, corrections, and updates to .

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