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This is a freeware version of a CNC control program written by Kevin Carroll.  It provides stepper motor control of up to 3 axis using the printer port of an IBM style personal computer. It supports traditional G and M codes as input.  This program is written in BASIC and requires a Pentium class computer for good quality operation.   Also included is a good explanation of how G and M codes are interpreted. This freeware version is BETA test software. Be sure to read the documentation about special concerns related to this version. A BIG thanks to Kevin Carroll, who is experienced in converting manual machine tools to CNC operation on a commercial basis, for contributing this software.

The is an updated version which adds support for G81 multi-hole drill cycles.  Kevin also improved the ncreadme.txt file and provided an Acrobat PDF image for the option control panel.  Thanks again Kevin!!

A sad postscript, in late December 1998 Kevin Carroll passed away after a battle with cancer.  Helping people understand CNC software was one of his passions, and he did it well.  We will miss him.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Kevin's program, also known as Stepster, lives on through the efforts of Charles Gallo. CLICK HERE to visit his support site.




Files containing the BASIC source code for the above CNC control program. 

Kevin's "Exactly How a CNC Works" which explains how his control program actually works. 915Kb DANCAD and DANCAM are shareware programs written by Dan Hudgins which provide 2/3dimension drafting and CNC stepper motor control respectively. DANCAM has been the foundation of many homebrew CNC machines. DANCAM requires the output of DANCAD as its input. Traditional G and M codes cannot be read into DANCAM. These programs were engineered to run under DOS, and DANCAM should never be used under Windows or any other multitasking operating system. Dan Hudgins is not currently (as of 11/97) offering support or updates for these programs. The contact information and order forms included in this ZIP file are outdated, please see the "official" DANCAD3D site for current information.

This zip file is an image of a complete installation of version 2.6 of DANCAD and DANCAM. To use it you create a directory named "DC25" in the root of your "C" drive and put a copy of the zip file there. Switch to this directory and then unzip with restore of subdirectories enabled. The PKUNZIP command would be --

PKUNZIP dancad26 -d

There is now an "official" DANCAD3D web site, click HERE to visit.



These files are DANCAD/DANCAM install disk images for floppy diskettes. This is the same software as above but not preinstalled. Each file should be unzipped onto a 1.44 Mb floppy with recovery of subdirectories enabled. Then run the install batch file on the first disk. Read and follow the instructions carefully! 40Kb Program for plotting the characteristics of a permanent magnet DC motor. Runs under DOS on a 286 with 287 math coprocessor and VGA display minimum. Should run in a DOS box under windows as long as your monitor allows switching back to VGA mode in the DOS box. The ZIP file contains program and documentation files. Thanks to Michael Cranford for contributing this freeware program.



Program for using an IBM PC to read quadrature encoders through the parallel port (requires bi-directional port) and display position data on-screen. Includes many options to aid in configuring linear scales or rotary encoders to work with your machine. The file contains a patch for fix a problem which occurs with some bi-directional printer ports.  Many thanks to Steve Lindsay for writing this software and making it available as freeware.  For the latest information about this freeware program, visit: 184 Kb Shareware program to generate CNC programs to cut tooling for a ram style EDM for making gears. Useful for computing gear parameters even if you do not have CNC machines. Runs under DOS or DOS box but forces monitor to VGA mode. Written by ATS Software. 48Kb A freeware program to estimate the Horse Power needed to make a machining cut in metal, written by Jim Tuttle. This program runs under DOS or the DOS box in windows. 319Kb Older version of a shareware program of support utilities for machining operators. Mr. Machinist provides trig and geometry calculations, bolt circles, feed/speed recommendations, and much more. This is probably the last version that runs under DOS without needing memory manager support. PLEASE NOTE that the contact information in the zip file is outdated. Work on a Windows version of this software has resumed. Please see: 2401Kb Tool & Die Helper is a freeware add-on for AutoCAD-LT and AutoCAD for Windows that assists in creating drawings for the die making trade. Also useful for general fabrication drawings. Has tools for drawing holes, slots, counterbores, threads, and other machined features. Thanks to Tom Kahara for contributing this software.

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