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TC 9-237
Training Circular number 9-237

Department of the ARMY
Washington, DC
29 October 1996

Table of Contents

Contents      Scanned image only, no navigation within Acrobat (1225K) 

Disclaimer   Warnings (317K)

Authorization  Authorization to distribute     (26K)

Chapter 1    Introduction    (21K)

Chapter 2    Safety Precautions  In Welding Operations (495K)

Chapter 3    Print Reading and Welding Symbols     (741K)

Chapter 4    Joint Design and Preparation of Materials    (77K)

Chapter 5    Welding and Cutting Equipment     (1329K)

Chapter 6    Welding Techniques     (1266K)

Chapter 7    Metals Identification     (2123K)

Chapter 8    Electrodes and Filler Materials     (232K)

Chapter 9    Maintenance Welding Operations    (22K)

Chapter 10    Arc Welding and Cutting Process     (2055K)

Chapter 11    Oxygen-Fuel Gas Welding Procedures    (616K)

Chapter 12    Special Applications     (1391K)

Chapter 13    Destructive and Non-destructive testing    (192K)

Appendix A    References     (20K)

Appendix B    Procedure Guides     (140K)

Appendix C    Troubleshooting Procedures     (227)

Appendix D    Material Types     (616K)

Appendix E    Miscellaneous Data    (415K)

Index    (453K)                

Glossary    (2006K)

Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

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the United States ARMY Training Support Centers servers.  It is provided
here because the ARMY's servers are sometimes unavailable..

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