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04/17/12    Moved content from metalworking.com to MWDropBox.com

04/11/12    Updated link to NAMES Exposition

02/01/12    Added City of Newport Model Engineering Society to clubs page

11/01/11    Added Atlantic Model Engineering Society to clubs page

10/09/10    Added Astragal Press to publications page

08/15/10    Updated clubs page

10/26/08    Added link to Willoughby & Baltic shared access shop facilities

05/11/08    Updated links on Events page for Estevan Model Engineering Show

05/31/07    Revised notes on using Dropbox to mention deferred files.

12/08/06    GIF files no longer directly accepted by Dropbox

06/23/06    Added "Fabrication and Metalworking" to publications page

06/09/06    Restored dropbox file sort utility, make "newest" the default sort

03/05/06    Removed dead link to Chris Heapy's Model Engineers Support Page

11/30/05    Added Long Island Metalworker's Society to clubs page

07/12/05    Updated name of  Southern California Home Shop Machinists club

01/02/05    Added ProShop Publishing to publications page

12/31/04    Updated Dropbox rules to require text file

06/03/04    Updated RCM how to page

05/22/04    Added Bristol club to clubs page

05/11/04    Dead links deleted throughout site

05/11/04    Added Upstate New York club to clubs page

05/11/04    Added GEARS show to events page

05/11/04    Added Florida Association of Model Engineers to clubs page

05/11/04    Added Rocky Mountain Model Engineering Show to events page

05/11/04    Added Colorado Model Engineers to clubs page

03/25/04    Updated model show links page

02/25/04    Added AA-lathes group to forums page

02/12/04    Updated link for Black Hills Model show

12/03/03    Added listing for MetalMeet on forums page

12/03/03    Updated listing for EMC on forums page

08/12/03    Updated Estevan Model Engineering Show data on events page

08/08/03    Updated link to Joe Landau's Metalworking Index

07/23/03    Updated link to "Shop Talk" magazine

06/11/03    Updated link to Valley Metal (Phoenix) club

03/31/03    Updated link to Mr. Machinist software on shareware page

03/19/03    Updated Mid Valley Model Engineers club web address

03/01/03    Updated contact info for North Georgia club

02/21/03    Updated link to MIT's "Introduction... " on learning page

01/09/03    Updated links to Chaski's Machinist board forum

12/01/02    Added South Bay Metalworkers to clubs page

11/08/02    Updated info on Southern Arizona club

10/24/02    Updated links to both Portland clubs

10/14/02    Added NAVY's tools training manual to learning page

08/01/02    Added Stagesmith collection of links to learning page

07/22/02    Reorganized Dropbox links, added search lind

07/09/02    Added TDHelper to the shareware page

07/02/02    Added Mini-Lathe Projects to forums page

06/30/02    Added Virtual Machine Shop to learning page

06/20/02    Restored link to Joe Landau's index on Learning page

06/04/02    Added Home Machineshop Hobby Show to events page

04/11/02    Restored link to Tauuton club site, it is back on line

04/03/02    Added Practical Machinists to forums page

03/31/02    Added BackyardMetalcasting to learning page

03/27/02    Added MMSOnline forums to forums page

03/26/02    Updated link to NEMES on clubs page

03/18/02    Added Home_Foundry web ring to forums page

03/10/02    Removed link to Metalworking Pub Index, site no longer exists

03/02/02    Added Wisconsin to list of clubs seeking to form

02/21/02    Updated link to Kulaga DRO project on shareware page

02/10/02    Added Modeleng.org to Links to Learning page

01/28/02    Added BurkeMills to listserver page

01/10/02    Updates address of TSME club.

12/03/01    Revised dates for PRIME and Black Hills shows

12/03/01    Updated all URL's on club page, tagged missing sites

11/25/01    Added Long Island Indicators "Do It Yourself" to learning page

11/15/01    Updated address of Houston Metal Shop Club

11/13/01    Added Metal_Shapers (sliding ram) to listserver page

10/10/01    Added Chaski's Home CNC Machining board to listserver page

10/07/01    Removed TWI link to welding information from learning
                    page because content became subscription based

09/10/01    Updated link to Chaski metalworking board

08/26/01    Updated location for NAMES show

08/12/01    Updated link to BSME on Clubs page

08/12/01    Updated URL for free Mech software on Shareware page

08/08/01    Updated front page with graphic links to FAQ and MWN

08/07/01    Made the Army's "Fundamentals of Machine Tools" available
                    from local copies on Metalworking.com

05/29/01    Added mill-drill list to forums page

05/24/01    Made changes to indicate Google had restored newsgroup
                    posting capabilities to their site

05/14/01    Updated link to Model Engineering Support on learning page

04/25/01    Updated contact data for Wise Owl on publications page

04/24/01    Added link to official DANCAD site to shareware page

04/03/01    Updated URL for Battle Creek club

04/02/01    Changed main page to help newcomers discover newsgroups

03/31/01    Added Yeager Automation (CNC-Pro) to list server page

03/29/01    Added MaxNC users to list server page

03/25/01    Added KAME club to clubs page

03/04/01    Added page for e-mail lists and web forums

03/04/01    Revised "Help Reading RCM" with more current advice
                    about reading and posting via web gateways

02/23/01    Updated status of Deja/Google newsgroup access 

02/22/01    Added Eastern Tennessee to clubs trying to form

02/21/01    Added Canadian "MPP" magazine to pubs page

02/08/01    Fixed links and updated "Help reading RCM" page

01/24/01    Updated Cabin Fever show location

01/23/01    RCM members gallery is now operational

01/21/01    Started setting up RCM members gallery

01/21/01    Moved the Events Pictures to a sub-page under Events

01/17/01    Updated link to NEMES on clubs page.

01/17/01    Added Lee Valley Tools (Popular Mechanics Shop Notes reprints)
                    to the publications page

01/10/01    Updated links to "Live Steam", "American Machinist",  and 
                    "Machine Design" magazines on publications page

01/08/01    Added SCRAP (southern CA) to clubs page

12/30/00    Added link to searchable magazine index on Links to Learning page

11/25/00    Updated link to SAMS model engineering show

10/16/00    Added quick start guide to dropbox instructions

10/13/00    Added "Art Casting Journal" to publications page

10/03/00    Added Mid-Valley Model Engineers club

10/01/00    Updated links to Village Press publications (HSM, PIM, MW)

07/30/00    Updated address of  the Model Engineering Support site on
                   the Links to Learning page

07/19/00    Added "Machine Shop Guide" to pubs page

07/11/00    Added "Modern Applications News" to pubs page

06/25/00    Added Portland Machinists Guild (Michigan) to clubs page

06/15/00    Updated link to Lindsay's DRO 40 on shareware page

06/07/00    Added Wise Owl's web link to publications page

05/16/00    Added "Cutting Tool Engineering" magazine to pubs page

05/08/00    Added central Michigan to club startups

05/04/00    Updated Southern Arizona club listing

04/15/00    Added North London society to clubs page.

04/11/00    Updated web address of Metal Web News

04/10/00    Added Canada Machine Tools Show to events page

03/27/00    Added Battle Creek club to clubs page

03/12/00    Added several clubs and contacts to clubs page.

03/10/00    Events page, made dates generic/annual, updated links

03/10/00    Updated web address for BSME and Tauton clubs

03/08/00    Updated web address for NEMES club.

03/01/00    Added Puget Sound Metalworking group to clubs page.

02/28/00    Added "Metalworking Equipment News" to publications page

02/03/00    Added contact to start club in Pennsylvania, USA

01/28/00    Added Metallurgy FAQ to links to learning page

01/26/00    Updated Bay Area Engine Modelers listing on clubs page

01/26/00    Updated SBSMEE listing to SRSMEE on clubs page

01/26/00    Added Pheonix area metalworking group to Clubs page

01/24/00    Added Home Foundarymans Assoc. to Clubs page

01/24/00    Added "DESIGNFAX" to publications page

01/05/00    Updated club info for Portland Model Engineers

11/30/99    Added new link on shareware page for mechanical engineering
                    shareware listing site.

11/29/99    Added link to "Strictly IC" on publications page

11/18/99    Added SAMS show to Events page.

11/18/99    Added experimental Drop Box with sort features.

10/06/99    Updated "Help Reading R.C.M." with info on REMARQ

09/26/99    Updated "Help Reading R.C.M." with link to AOL info

09/08/99    Updated data on Dallas, TX metalworking club.

09/07/99    Added Tom Kulaga's DRO-Plus site to Shareware page.

09/03/99    Updated EMC link on Shareware page.

08/06/99    Added instructions for searching with AltaVista to the "Help
                    Reading RCM" page.

08/02/99    Added St. Thomas, Ontario, CA to list of startups on Clubs page.

07/01/99    Added link on Shareware page to the EMC project at NIST.

07/01/99    Added link on Shareware page to Charlie Gallo's new page supporting
                   Kevin Carrol's CNC979, aka Stepster, software for driving stepper
                   motors from G and M code running on an IBM-PC.

06/29/99    Corrected links to Army manuals and to DRO-4.0 software.

06/15/99    Updated link address for Live Steaming on Clubs page

06/11/99    Updated Dropbox instructions, .exe, .bat, .cmd, .com, .xls, .doc now trapped

06/10/99    Added some links to other collections to the shareware page

06/10/99    Updated news reading help to reflect changes at Dejanews site

06/09/99    Added Brisbane, Australia to list trying to start a club

05/27/99    Added Bay Area Engine Modelers to clubs page

05/11/99    Added "Silicon Chip" magazine to publications page

04/04/99    Toronto (TSME) club web page link added on clubs page.

03/26/99    Added the Alberta Metal Enthusiasts Network to clubs page

03/15/99    Corrections to Model Engineer and Model Engineer's Workshop magazine listings

03/14/99    Updated and renamed the page about news servers, now "Help Reading RCM"

03/10/99    Updated dropbox instructions to help educate people about newsgroups

02/10/99    Added Chesapeake Amateur Metalworking Society to clubs page

01/24/99    Added NAMES 99 to events page.

01/14/99    Added PATINA 99 and PRIME 99 to events page.

01/05/99    Added "anvilfire.com" to links to learning page.

01/01/99    Updated Newsserver page to remove ZIPPO and update Yahoo URL.

12/27/98    Added NEMES model show to events page, updated Cabin Fever info.

12/27/98    Please note that the old dual homed address
                    will be going away soon, please use http://www.metalworking.com

12/27/98    Dropbox files from first half of 1998 moved to "1998_retired_files".

12/03/98    Added "Gear Technology" to Publications page

12/03/98    Added "Canadian Machinery and Metalworking" to Publications page

12/03/98    Added MSMEE club (Melborne, Australia) to Clubs page

11/07/98    Added Kevin Carroll's "Exactly How a CNC Works" document
                    to the Shareware page.

10/22/98    Added new version of Kevin Carroll's CNC control program
                    to the Shareware page.

10/21/98    Added Philadelphia and Pheonix trade shows to Events

10/21/98    Updated general information and added policy statement
                    about commercial software to the Shareware page.

10/21/98    DRO40a.zip patch added to Shareware page

10/20/98    Added Pacific Coast Industrial & Machinery Show to
                    Events page.  Moved old items to Past Events.

10/20/98    Updated Clubs page to show the unofficial web site for the
                    North Texas (Dallas) Metalworking Club

10/14/98    Prime 98 pictures added to Event Pics page.

10/12/98    After a rough few weeks, Metalworking.com should be
                    returning to normal.  The new line now seems to be
                    working as it should and all the IP address reassignments
                    are done.  Now if our ISP will just keep his hands off
                    the routers!

09/18/98    Shareware page updated to add a live link to Mr. Machinist
                    software page and remove local copies of beta versions.

09/16/98    Metalworking.com now running on our new connection.  Sorry
                    for the outages caused when our old line failed before the new 
                    one was ready. Final tuning of IP addresses will take a few more
                    days, but everything should be transparent to users.

09/15/98    Updated links on Publications page for Home Shop Machinist
                    and Projects In Metal.

09/08/98    Metalworking.com started the process of moving our server
                    to a new Internet connection.  Rough times ahead for a
                    few days as we sort things out.

08/26/98    Added note to dropbox instructions stating that Webmaster
                    reserves the right to process image files to enhance clarity
                    and/or reduce size.

08/26/98    Updated versions of Paul Pierce's HSM/PIM index put in "dropbox"

08/02/98    Added link to ARMY's "Hydraulics" field training guide

08/02/98    Links to "Fundamentals of Machine Tools" restored to the
                    ARMY site which is now back on line

07/31/98    Updated Dropbox instructions to mention 2 Megabyte size limit.

07/31/98    Local copy of "Fundamentals of Machine Tools" completed.

07/30/98    Started building local copy (with assistance from Scott Logan)
                    of the U.S. Army's "Fundamentals of Machine Tools" which
                    is linked off the Links to Learning page until the ARMY's
                    site is back in service

07/29/98    Added Seattle, Washington to list of  startups on Clubs page

07/20/98    Added file size and text formatting hints to dropbox instructions.

07/20/98    Several Arizona engine shows added to events page.   General
                    housekeeping of events pages.

07/20/98    Updated versions of Paul Pierce's HSM/PIM index put in "dropbox"

07/14/98    Added page of photos from PRIME 97 to Event Pics page.

07/01/98    Added email link for Wise Owl on publications page

06/19/98    Michigan Technical University's Manufacturing Ed page is back,
                    see Links to Learning for goodies including software

06/18/98    Updated info on Dallas club formation, first meeting.

06/18/98    Added "Metlfax" and "Tooling & Production" to publications page

06/18/98    Updated link to Lindsay Publications.

06/16/98    Site was unreachable from 20:00 EDT 06/15/98 until 15:00 EDT
                   06/16/98 due to failure of our T-1 line during a nasty thunderstorm.

06/08/98    Added "Start a Club" listing for Miami, Florida, USA

06/07/98    Revised "How to Use the Dropbox" to include solutions to some
                   more of the common problems encountered and to more fully
                   explain policies and procedures.

06/07/98    Added "Start a Club" listing for north of Toronto, Canada

06/04/98    Updated TME link on club page, added TME 98 show to EVENTS,
                   added BSME 98 show to EVENTS, added links to BSME 97 and
                   MSEE 86 to EVENT PICS.

06/03/98    Added a "Start A Club" section to CLUBS page. First listing near Dallas, TX

06/02/98    Updated versions of Paul Pierce's HSM/PIM index put in "dropbox"

06/02/98    Bendigo Society of Model Engineers web address updated on CLUBS page

05/29/98    Put dropbox instructions as a file within dropbox itself so that
                  people who link directly to dropbox can find them.

05/27/98    Updated CLUBS and EVENTS pages to add links to Emerald Valley
                  Model Engineering Society's new web page.

05/25/98    Added EVENT PICTURES page, moved Cabin Fever pictures to a
                  sub-page, added pictures of an antique truck show, added links to
                  pictures from NAMES Exposition.  Reorganized internal layout of
                  site in preparation for future updates. If anything has been broken,
                  please let me know.

04/30/98    NWMT 98 (North West Machine Tool Show) added to event page.

04/27/98    Events page split into current and past events.

04/12/98    Updated versions of Paul Pierce's HSM/PIM index put in "dropbox"

04/08/98    Updated URL for Village Press, HSM, PIM, and Live Steam on PUBLICATIONS page

04/04/98    CNC979, a stepper motor control program added to SHAREWARE page

04/02/98    Server down 5:30-8:00 PM Eastern Std. Time for hardware upgrades

03/31/98    Updated News Server Hints to reflect ZIPPO adding alt.machines.cnc

03/25/98    Added Harvard Univ. Physics Dept. to LEARNING links

03/24/98    Added info on club forming in Alliston, Ontario, Canada

03/23/98    Site moved to new server machine

03/16/98    Added "Strictly IC" to PUBLICATIONS page

03/11/98    Added Santa Barbara club (SBSMEE) to CLUBS page

03/06/98    Added e-mail contact for Emerald Valley Model Engineering Society
                  and Portland Model Engineers to CLUBS page

03/05/98    Added the complete PRIME brochure to EVENTS page

03/04/98    Added Malden District Society of Model Engineers Ltd. to CLUBS page

03/02/98    Corrections to PUBLICATIONS page regarding ME vs. MEW

03/01/98    Added page for links to PUBLICATIONS related to metalworking

02/28/98    Added IMTS and some shows in Arizona to EVENTS CALENDAR

02/22/98    News Server Hints page updated to reflect free ZIPPO available again

02/22/98    Added PATINA show to EVENTS CALENDAR

02/12/98    SME trade shows added to EVENTS CALENDAR page

02/10/98    News Server Hints page updated to reflect status of ZIPPO/NewsGuy

02/09/98    Added EVENTS CALENDAR page

02/08/98    Cabin Fever page updated with pictures etc. from 1998 event

01/22/98    Added NewsGuy information to News Server Hints page

01/21/98    ASCII version of HSM index loaded to "dropbox"

01/18/98    updated version of HSM index loaded to "dropbox"

01/13/98    Cabin Fever 98 flyer scans added to Cabin Fever page

01/13/98    added Dave Silberstein's "How to Make Springs" to Links to Learning Page

01/08/98    link updated for Meridian Machinery's "Advice on inspecting machinery"

01/02/98    updated version of HSM index loaded to "dropbox"

12/16/97    TSME (Toronto) club entry updated, e-mail address available

12/11/97    updated club information for Tauton Model Engineers (back on line) and TSME (contacted)

12/11/97    added Model Engineer Support Page to the Links to Learning Page

12/11/97    this log file established

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