Links to learning resources for metalworking

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Frequently Asked Questions - archive for rec.crafts.metalworking, this large body of information can answer many of your questions so you need not ask questions that are repeated frequently in the newsgroup, particularly useful for those who "just got an XYZ brand machine" and want parts or other information

Metal Web News - articles and projects contributed by rec.crafts.metalworking
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Model Engineering Support Page - the original is off-line, this link will take you to the last snapshot taken by the WayBackMachine. And here is another private copy in Japan. - support page with projects, newsletters, and chat for the blacksmithing arts - a clearing house of model engineering information that is based in the UK

Index of metalworking articles - Joe Landau's index of articles in hobby magazines and books

Collection of metalworking vendor links - Maintained by Ernie Leimkuhler at

BackyardMetalcasting web page - about casting molten metal using tools you can build yourself

Long Island Indicator "Do It Yourself" page - useful information on repairs to dial indicators, micrometers, and calipers

Meridian Machinery's "Advice on inspecting machinery" - discussion on evaluating used machinery, covers typical problem areas and simple things to look for when buying a machine that you cannot test under normal running conditions

Metallurgy FAQ - brief introduction to metallurgy of steels, includes glossary and examples of common types of steel and of common forming and heat treating processes

Michigan Technical University's Manufacturing Ed page - primers on machine tools and processes, software for milling simulation and for other metal cutting assistance

MIT's machine show videos - basic video tutorials, accompanying notes

Dave Silberstein's "How to Make Springs"  - excellent, very large site full of information about design, methods, tools, materials, and safety - all written with the uninitiated in mind

U.S. Army's "Fundamentals of Machine Tools" - another good tutorial, excellent lathe section, also includes heat treatment

U.S. Army's "Welding Theory and Application" - broad coverage, includes testing welds, specialized uses

U.S. Army's "Hydraulics" - a good all round primer on theory and practice of hydraulic systems, this is a PDF file

Virtual Machine Shop project - Distance learning project at Cerritos College. Great material, but some material requires Microsoft Explorer, JAVA and Active X enabled, and Windows Media Player version 8 or later.

Widell Industries' Thread Cutting Technical Pages - look under TECHNICAL tab at top of main page and see dropdown box for ANSI charts, covers taps, has drill size chart, no lathe stuff

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